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Summer Camp

2014 News

July 27 - August 2 will be our 2014 week on the reservation.

  • The 2014 theme is a return to Outdoor Traditions, away from technology.
  • Ecology is offering a combination of Forestry, Fish and Wildlife Management, and Soil and Water Conservation.
  • Outdoor Skills is offering a combination of Cooking, Orienteering, and Wilderness Survival merit badges.

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2013 Troop 526 Parent Letter pdf

2013 Individual Boy Scout Registration Form pdf

2013 Merit Badge Schedule pdf

2014 Camp Information, Merit Badge Prerequisites and Schedule pdf


Scouts and Scouters alike have plenty to do throughout the week, whether earning rank requirements hard to complete elsewhere, participating in week-long trainings or competitions, nightly programming, C.O.P.E., the Mile Swim, Hutch's Run, "Survivor," Field Sports Challenge, Adult New Leader trainings, camp-wide inspection and participation, BSA Lifeguard certification or Aquatics Supervisor, Thursday night campfires, the John Burroughs Award, other awards, and merit badges. A detailed schedule (pdf) is provided in the camp information linked above and below. Note: physical fitness is integral to the Scouting Program, and scouts must be in good health to attend Summer Camp due to strenuous activities, including copius walking in the summer heat.

Tradition is valued at Seven Ranges as a method to honor the past, build self-discipline, and give respect to others and all that we have been blessed with. From time-honored songs to constant attention to Scout Spirit and to using the Patrol Method, there are many opportunities at Seven Ranges to grow and mature no matter one's age. Being able to plan your own day as a boy, manage your own itinerary to be on-time for merit badge classes or other events, and to spend a week with and leading your peers is a wholly awesome experience which instills growth, responsibility, and leadership: prime aims of the Scouting Program.

Visit the Buckeye Council Website for more information. Photos from previous years will be added soon, and you can view images from 2010, 2011, and 2012 at If you have photos to add, please contact the Troop Historian.


  • Ecology/Conservation, including Astronomy, Bird Study, Energy, Environmental Science, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, Nuclear Science, Oceanography, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Soil and Water Conservation,Space Exploration, and Weather Merit Badges with the Environmental Interpreter Strip, Leave No Trace program, Hornada Award, and John Burroughs Nature Award
  • Field Sports, including Archery, Fishing, Rifle Shooting, and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badges
  • Handicraft, including Art, Basketry, Indian Lore, Leatherwork, and Woodcarving Merit Badges with the Craftsman award for youth
  • Outdoor Skills, including Camping, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Safety, First Aid, Geocaching, Orienteering, Western Trailsing,Search & Rescue, Surveying and Wilderness Survival Merit Badges with opportunities to earn Totin' Chip, Firem'n Chit and Chemical Fuel Chit, the Paul Punyan Woodsman Award, and the advanced L.O.S.T. course for older scouts
  • Waterfront, including Canoeing, Kayaking, Lifesaving, Rowing, Sailing, and Swimming Merit Badges with the Mile Swim BSA award and Aquatics Supervision traning

Pipestone Camp Honor

In addition to natural beauty and quality of program, Seven Ranges' reputation is intensified by its renowned Pipestone Camp Honors Program. Begun in 1926 at Camp Tuscazoar, Pipestone rewards campers who have excelled in Scout Spirit and advancement during their week at camp, and requires Scouts to achieve the rank of Life to receive the fifth and final year's coveted award. This honor is in part why more Troop 526 scouts attain the rank of Eagle than the national average, though participation in the program is completely optional. View the 2014 Leader's Guide for complete requirements, beginning on page 34. Additional information is available through the Buckeye Council.

To preserve the special nature of the camp honors ceremony, participants of any age are not permitted to discuss any portion of the event with others.

Preparing for Summer Camp

Know Your Knots: To enter the Dining Hall, the following knots must be presented, one per meal, beginning Monday at lunch: Square, Two Half Hitches, Slip, Sheet Bend, Timber Hitch, Clove Hitch, Bowline, Stevedor's, Fisherman's, Lark's Head, Figure Eight, Sheepshank, and the Taut-line Hitch. Rope is worn on the belt and is provided once by the Troop at a weekly meeting before camp.

Medical Forms: BSA requires medical forms (also available on the camping page) to be filled out by all participants. These forms must be on file with Troop 526 in order for you to attend any Scouting activity. The Boy Scouts of America promotes a healthy, active lifestyle by requiring its participants to be in good physical condition, and provides more adventurous opportunities when camping which demand good fitness. The latest parts to the Annual Health and Medical Record can additionally always be found on

Merit Badges and Prerequisites: Scouts may choose their merit badge classes for the week, though priority is often given to older scouts with higher rank if certain classes are full. Registration is made through the Advancement Chair in the Spring. Depending on your choice, you may have prerequisites to complete. These items must be completed prior to attending camp. The Scoutmaster will provide a slip to be signed by himself and the scout, acknowledging that the prerequisite has been completed. If applicable, the requirement may be brought to camp to show to a merit badge counselor. Please consult the downloadable information (and Merit Badge schedule inside) below for more details.

Packing: Camping at Seven Ranges takes place on cots in canvas tents on wood platforms. Everyone attending — Scouts and Scouters alike — brings one tote (foot locker) to store the week's worth of clothing and supplies. A roll-up mattress, pillow, and sleeping bag are highly encouraged, though in warmer weather campers may choose to use bed sheets instead. Every Scout is asked, if possible, to purchase the same $25 Sterilite Foot Locker for ease of packing our trailer. A complete packing checklist developed by Troop 526 is available, and you can speak with the Troop Quartermaster or other leaders for additional suggestions. You can also check out the Troop Handbook's "Appendix A" for ideas and an older packing list.

Parents: Parents are welcome to visit their son and the Troop during his stay. Some choose to spend part or the entirety of the week, and others visit for an afternoon or dinner. Families are welcome to stay from check-in through Sunday evening's campfire. Adults staying overnight are required to be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and must also have completed medical forms. Note: Parents seeking to earn the Pipestone award must spend four full days and three full nights at Seven Ranges.

Payment: Camp fees for Seven Ranges must be paid several months in advance, typically at the end of April. Costs begin at $285 for Scouts; adults pay for each meal they attend, or $115 for the week. A discount is offered to the Troop if payment is made several months ahead of time, and scouts may use funds from their Scout Account to pay for camp. (It is often possible to pay for the entirety of camp this way if a Scout fully participates in Troop 526's fundraising efforts throughout the year). If your family is not able to pay the whole cost of Summer Camp, Troop 526 can assist you with a special Campership fund to ensure every scout is able to attend. Please contact the Troop Treasurer for more information. More detailed information regarding 2014 fees may be found through the Buckeye Council.

Pipestone Wood: First through fourth-year Pipestone candidates must prepare a cubic foot of Pipestone wood. No wider than your thumb nor smaller than your pinky, each stick must also be straight, relatively free of knots and barkless. Bark can only be removed naturally (such as hand-peeling or rubbing, or soaking in water) and not by knife. Lengths must be 12" with ends broken or chopped, but not sawed. Pine is not accepted. Please tie your bundle with twine or some other natural fiber. The SPL will review each bundle at a weekly meeting before camp begins. Scouts often bring less wood than required; please be sure to measure a cubic foot and not simply the diameter of the bundle. For information on the rest of the requirements needed for the Pipestone Camp Honor, please consult the 2014 Leader's Guide.

Checking In: Troop 526 carries everyone's totes to and from the Magic Mountain campsite. Please arrive at the Scout Building on the Saturday before departure to assist the Troop Quartermaster in packing efforts. We'll depart individually on Sunday morning and meet at Seven Ranges at 1:15pm for Check-In. No one is permitted on the reservation until then.

Buckeye Council Website 2013 Troop 526 Parent Letter pdf 2013 Individual Boy Scout Registration Form pdf 2013 Merit Badge Schedule pdf 2014 Camp Information, Merit Badge Prerequisites and Schedule pdf